Awaken as a Star of the Dawn

You are the Light of the New Dawn. The sacred wisdom, gifts, codes that you carry are infinitely precious. It is time to awaken the parallel dimensions of self, to remember who you are ~ a multi-dimensional being of Light ~ a Star, a Lamp, in a New Dawn of Peace on Earth


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A journey through 13 moons...

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Join a starlit journey through the Silver Wheel, a journey of profound RETURN TO ALL THAT YOU ARE ~ videos, Mp3s, live webinars of Elven Starlight transmissions arriving direct to your inbox


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A free portal of beautiful Silver Wheel teachings and resources. Disover the depth and beauty of these teachings & the Elder codes of Light gifted by the Elven Ones & the Star Elders for the New Dawn


Silver Wheel The Book

'The Celestine Prophecy of the New Millennium' This book is a living transmission from the Elven and Star Elders for a New Dawn on earth, that shall gift you with a transfigured vision of reality and your own destiny


Elven Starlight Ascension Journey


Awaken your original knowledge ~ your walk of the Earth as a being of Light. With the white radiance of your star codes shimmering in sovereign and universal connection with the earth and stars.

An ancient, forgotten way of Grace upon the Earth

that you carry, whose golden returning footprints

you are


Return As the One Who You Are

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Welcome to Sapphire Earth


This is the online portal of the Silver Wheel ~ a mandala of ascension codes & teachings gifted by the Elven Ones & Star Elders for a New Dawn.

This is the far, returning wisdom of Elder Light, of First Time ~ calling you to awaken your otherworldly gifts as a Star of Creation. It is time to lift the veils of forgetfulness & the ancient seals of aeons  ~ returning as the One who you are, activating the far, parallel dimensions of self, becoming a lamp in a New Dawn of Light


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Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

‘In the heart of the forest, it appears. In the clearing before me, at the centre, lies a book. It looks very old, clad in a worn white deerskin. I touch the cover gently with my fingertips. There is something exquisitely beautiful about this book. I feel that it is something that has been much honoured and loved. Reverently, I open the cover. On page after page of pale bark that curls at the edges, is inscribed the most beautiful and mysterious script. It looks as though it is written with light itself – the flowing lines shine golden and silver and sapphire…’

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Meet Elen

Elen is the author of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, a shamanic dreamer, mystic and Elven guide to Ascension. She lives in Avalon, from where she shares the Elven Starlight Journey. Find out more about her here

Meet Elen

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Embark upon a journey of profound remembrance of who you truly are for a New Dawn on earth ~ journeying with the Elven and Star Elders into the Magic of Your Soul


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