Sapphire Earth


Sapphire Earth is a portal created especially for the online teachings of the Silver Wheel. It was founded through a vision of a gateway that is opening at this time, a return to the sacred dimensions of earth. A silver tree and a golden tree stand side by side, overarching a cosmic portal, a gateway of return to the Shining Earth for the New Dawn.


Within a sapphire beacon glows, a call to the ancient Elders of Earth and Star to reawaken from their long slumber, and ignite their celestial blueprint once more.


Like dreamers awakening after a thousand years of sleep, we are awakening to who we are. We find that we carry a wisdom of connection to the earth, moon, sun and stars; and the knowledge of a new cosmic cycle of Light upon earth. 


Deep within the Silver Wheel lie the sacred deer paths and otherworldly codes of transformation~ a wisdom path of ascended grace gifted by the Elven Ones & Star Elders. These magical glyphs hold evolutionary light technologies, both ancient and of unfathomable dimensional resonance.


They awaken the Elder Soul within, the gifts & wisdom that belong to Elder Light, to First Time ~  your timeless gifts of the New Dawn, the remembrance of who you are


I hold this portal with greatest love & devotion, and you are welcome to wander within ~ may it be for you a magical sphere of inspiration & return


With Infinite, Shining Love

Elen Elenna 

Elen Elenna is an author, mystic, shamanic dreamer & Elven guide to ascension


Through years of initiation by the earth and the stars, she has come to walk a path of remembrance; sharing the wisdom of the Elven Ones and the Star Elders for the New Dawn.

Through many years of listening to the Shining realms in the woods and hills of Wales, and in travels to North America and the Himalayas, she received the teachings of her book Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book. This is a mandala and a medicine wheel for the celestial, inter-galactic earth, and for the awakening of our destiny as Elder Souls of the New Dawn. It contains teachings that powerfully reconnect us to an ancient and beautiful way of being.

With her guides the Elven Ones and Star Elders, she creates ceremonies and transmissions through vibrational sound and the wisdom teachings of the Silver Wheel. Through the exquisite overtones and harmonics of the Elven starlight language and the sounding of drum, bell and rattle, she channels a profoundly transformative sphere. These ceremonies and teachings gift a powerfully beautiful vision of reality, a precious and lost wisdom, and open the door to an all-encompassing shift into our higher destiny.

To find out more about Elen, to access recordings of her transmissions, her writings & individual sessions with her visit


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