Into the Elven Starlight Ascension Journey 

Remember who you are with the Elven and Star Elders

Embark upon a voyage with the Elven Ones

Ascend as a Star of the Dawn


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 Welcome to the Elven Starlight Ascension Journey, an online membership that guides you through the phases of galactic moonlight with the Elven and Star Elders

Moon by moon, remember and expand into all that you are for a New Dawn upon earth, entering the Grove of Arianrhod, that holds the mandala of the Silver Wheel, the sacred glyphs and celestial flames of the Everlasting Stars 

Gain access to exquisite activational teachings & journeys of drum and Elven Starlight that lift the veils of forgetfulness and activate your far remembrance

It is time, Beloved Star of Infinite Worlds, to remember who you are, and make the magical journey of return


To ground the far starlight of other worlds that you carry deep within, to shine as a Star, A Lamp in a New Dawn of Peace.


Activate the parallel dimensions of your soul, discover who you are as a Shining One, as a Soul, a Celestial Traveller who is here for this time of ascension on earth. Receive the wisdom of how to integrate this into full presence and existence, activating your otherworldly, far gifts and wisdom for the New Dawn


For so you know it is your destiny to do, and your most sacred longing. For so long we hover at the threshold, wondering if truly we might activate these far and otherworldly realms of remembrance, yet there comes a moment when we know that it is time


For so it is written in the stars, and we have come here together to do this, to found a New Dawn of Light, in a beautiful and epic adventure of Love, Mystery and Peace upon earth


Lighting the lamp of Oversoul, Immortal Starlight embodiment, that which encompasses your vast remembrance ~ ancient, Lemurian, Elven, Stellar, Galactic, Angelic, Elder, Celestial ~ returning for a New Dawn.


Lift the veils of forgetfulness, the limits and seals that have held you bound, with the Elven and Star codes of remembrance. Through the power of true remembrance and return we lift the dominion of the old fears, the implacable shadows that have held us bound. It is no longer the time for dormancy, nor to return to the stars, but rather for you to light the Lantern of the Dawn that you hold, that you carry, that you Are


It is time for your own ancient, future, fifth-dimensional and beyond presence to activate 


All the realms long for you to remember who you are, and to found the dimension of Peace that you carry within, altering everything forever


How the Elven Journey Works

  When you sign up, you receive a password and access to the Elven Starlight LIBRARY,  access to all previously recorded materials 

And every month, Elen channels 7 NEW Moonlight ACTIVATIONS that you can attend as Live ZOOMS, or access in your own time as Video/Mp3 RECORDINGS


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Live ZOOM Elven Lodges

Gain access to LIVE ZOOM Elven Moon Lodges in accordance with the 7 phases of the Moon, attuning to the current ascension energies and taking you uniquely through the stargates of this time. You shall know that you are supported, discovering through this beautiful mirror where you are on your Soul's Ascension Journey

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Forest Videos 

Come with Elen on a journey through forest, mountain & ocean, in the sacred lands of Avalon and beyond. Receive these Forest Ceremonial Elven Starlight Videos, the transmissions of the Elder Codes & Glyphs of the Silver Wheel, activating and aligning you with your deeper soul journey of ascension, connecting you to the spheres of the earth, sun, stars and moon

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Mp3 Recordings

Receive exquisite guided meditations, including daily Sunstar & Sunset Meditations. These are Elven Activations, some of pure starlight voice, and some with the beautiful, great resonance of the shamanic drum. The drum is the magic beat of the reindeer's hooves, altering consciousness and guiding you onto the greater star paths of your soul

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PDF Written Materials 

Receive never before published Elven Ascension teachings ~ The Book of Starflowers, an Elven Moon Guide & Elven Starlight Retreat Manual. Downloadable materials, treasures for you to keep, and return to. These light-encoded manuals bring the cosmic teachings of the Elven & Star Elders to you, helping you to orient your path

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Restore Your Natural Timing

You can travel at your own pace through the Elven Starlight Journey, following your deeper wisdom, intuition & natural evolution

The materials shall arrive in a FLOW of cosmic inspiration and initiation through the 7 phases of the moonlight

The Elven guidance is that we synchronise with the moonlight once more, from the seed of the celestial flame at the New Moon, to the sharing of the Full Moon, through to the silent and inner contemplation of the Dark Moon

A Journey of Light

I was shown this vision of the Elven Starlight Journey

The journey has its roots in the earth and its branches in the stars. Its structure through the phases of the moonlight allows you to grow gently through a great transfiguration and expansion

The sense of self shall alter ~ you shall remember your far roots, Lemuria and before, ancient gifts and abilities

In your trunk, your bark, your centre, the Immortal Starlight Lamp of your heart is re-lit, your timeless radiance of Love as a Source Creator, as a Star of the Dawn. Your Galactic, Angelic, Shining DNA is reactivated, restored as the beautiful bark that was always there, dormant, and whose patterns now glow forth

And through all a great dismantlement takes place, the old boundaries of fragmentation and separation dissolving, the false versions of self, the forgetfulness

And finally you journey into the stars, the leaves. You expand into your branches, the celestial, galactic, stellar far realms of your multi-dimensional soul are re-accessed. A thousand lights, shining leaves, infinite journeys, the future comes toward you anchoring here and Now

And through every moon, we journey thus ~ like the journey of the Tree as a seed within the earth, its codes and blueprint arriving from the Infinite, far roots growing, blossoming of the Ancient/Future/Divine Blueprint, and then petal and leaf fall, integration, starry branches reaching into the Infinite and downloading the blueprint of the next seed/stargate/soul initiation

And travelling ever further into the Magic of your Soul, becoming who you truly are


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New Moon

Attune to your Soul Initiation

Seed of the Moonflower △ A New Moon Lodge wherein an activation of the celestial flame of this moon, beginning your sacred journey of galactic moonlight, and discovering your soul's intention and initiation of this moon △ Seeding within your heart this choice, this pathway △ This shall blossom through the days and nights of the coming moon △ Aligning consciously with your Soul's deeper dreaming of the Dawn

ZOOM LIVE/VIDEO Replay Video + Audio Available


Elven Moon Manual You shall receive a beautiful PDF manual with the visual and written inspiration overlighting this moon

Downloadable PDF


Waxing Crescent Moon

Awaken your Starlight Codes

Sprout of the Moonflower △ In a Waxing Crescent Moon Lodge begin to unlock the shimmering gifts of this lunar portal, this timeline, unfolding the gifts and abilities of the inter-dimensional self△ Far within yourself, you are witnessing the gifts of this moonflower, this timeline ~ through a visionary, shamanic activation/journey

△ Here, were you to sit in the silver realm of the moon, you would see the seed unfurling its light codes, information, form △ Downloading into consciousness, you begin to access the new timeline and ancient/future gifts


Replay Video + Audio Available


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First Half Moon

Expand into the New Phase

Root of the Moonflower △ In a First Half Moon Lodge you pass into a mysterious depth of expansion, discovering that the roots of your awakening go farther than you ever might have imagined, your expanded presence going beyond known bounds

△ Accessing resources and records, the crystalline, golden record of the Elven and Star Elders and First Light, awakening as a Galactic, Angelic, Starry one, as a Shining One


Replay Video + Audio Available



Full Moon

Move through the Lunar Stargate 

Blossom of the Moonflower △ In a Full Moon Lodge you make a journey into embodiment of the Soul, the codes open into the solar radiance, altering the apparent reality 

△ Here we access the New Galactic Shining DNA as it becomes physical △ Realms of soft moonlight dissolving resistance in the body, releasing alternate timelines △ Your embodiment alters into its new, luminous form △ The codes of light become visible and alter the manifest reality, old structure releases


 Replay Video + Audio Available

You receive chapter by chapter The Book of Starflowers, never-before published teachings and illustrations on your New/Ancient Galactic Body of Light

 Downloadable PDF 
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Last Half Moon

Elven Wisdom Council Share & Q&A 

Fragrance of the Moonflower △ In an Elven Wisdom Council you expand into wisdom and understanding of what you have received, allowing the mind to recalibrate and gain perspective, the mental and emotional bodies to catch up with a process of 7 Sacred Questions △ Here you gain perspective on your Soul Initiation of this moon, and what is required for its completion 

△ Integration, fragrance, light codes/information travels, altering thoughts, beliefs

ZOOM LIVE/VIDEO Replay Video + Audio Available

Waning Crescent Moon

Lift the Ancient Seals

Leaf Fall of the Moonflower △ The old beliefs and light structures (ancient seals) begin to fall away, all that has come to pass △ the downloading of the new light codes has brought about profound evolution within the Soul and deeply seated old seals forged by ancient suffering are falling away 

△ There is true cellular transfiguration and alteration as the old polarities dissolve △ As we reflect and let go of the old version of self, the old beliefs that are no longer required △ A journey of profound healing, letting go in the Temple of the Eveningstar 

Replay Video + Audio Available
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Dark Moon

Rest amongst the Stars

Star branches of the Moonflower △ The new form stands bare and beautiful, and  this is a time to anchor the starlight of the future self at a whole new level

△ This involves a deep and a visionary journey within, a time of retreat when you stand in the mysteries of the soul △ Supports an interval of retreat & rest & silence △ And travel far out to the stars beyond, in council with the Star Elders of Peace, listening to who you are called to become △ Open the old doorway to the Stellar Council of Peace

Replay Video + Audio Available

You receive a beautiful PDF guide for your retreat with the wisdom of the over-lighting Animal Elder Guardian of this moon

Downloadable PDF



14th BONUS MOON!!!

I would love to announce also, as a beautiful preparation for the journey, when you sign up, A BONUS INTRODUCTORY MOON of materials that support the CREATION OF YOUR SACRED SPACE

♢ GUIDE to Founding your Starlight Temple of Peace PDF

Daily Sunstar Meditation Mp3

Daily Evening Sunset Meditation Mp3 


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The Elven Starlight Journey takes place through 7 shamanic journeys/initiations each moon


Imagine 7 beautiful shamanic journeys arriving to you each moon, allowing you to travel into the depths of your soul’s light, discovering who you are through a path of direct revelation, insight, vision, activation

Elen channels 7 Elven Moon Lodges/shamanic journeys from her Starlight Temple in Avalon, some of which are filmed in the hills and forests of Avalon and beyond. These are visionary, guided shamanic journeys and activations, of drum and Elven Starlight sounding and language

As we reunify and ascend, we are returning to this natural state of inter-dimensionality, and the drum shifts consciousness to this state of awareness. The shamanic journey is one of the gifts of the Shining Ones, of the Dawn, that creates a bridge into the true visions of your Soul

It offers the gift of direct revelation. Your own teachings and visions come from these journeys, so that you build your own sphere of remembrance, of realisation, of awakening. The vibrational power of the drum and the Elven Starlight sounding bring core cellular and energetic shifts and activations, so that you can release the old structures at a truly transformational level.

OMGOSH!!!!!!  WOW!

"What a glorious creation you’ve gifted… It’s visually stunning and the content is beyond… 
I had tears streaming down as I read through. 

thank you, thank you, thank you"
~ Molly


 just ‘wow’ ✨💛✨ the materials I just opened are just exquisite....so so beautiful..... Much love and so so grateful for the beauty I’ve received..... 💕💕💕"

~ Catherine

“Journeying with Elen has been and is truly magical. Each journey is unique and offers a weaving of dimensions, creating a tangible experience which feeds into all worlds. 

There is a familiarity to Elen's energy which unlocks soul memories and takes one into spaces long held , awaiting to reawaken.

I fell in love with The Silver Wheel and love every moment of our journeys together from the holy land of Avalon to all the lands where we dwell... to Lemuria , through stargates and beyond.

Thank you Elen, you are such a gift in these times of the great Return."

~ Eileen, New Zealand

 "The gentle yet profound teachings that spring forth from Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey, light up my whole being and sing to my soul. I often weep at the pearls of remembrance that drop into my awareness.

During this course, I have learnt to listen again and track my own inner guidance, for I had been so pulled away from my heart by the noise of the world. 

Words cannot really express what this course has gifted me, there are realms beyond realms of inter-dimensional beauty that await you, as and when you step through this divine Sapphire Earth portal….. "

~ Catherine


“I’m finding the Elven Starlight Journey to be a beautiful weaving of realms, both ancient and starlit . . . wonderfully expansive, and yet intimate and familiar. Following the moon cycle of each month, the teachings and healing energies are weaving into my day-today life in the most beautiful and helpful of ways.

Thank you Elen for channeling and facilitating this unique path of remembrance and awakening!”

~ Satya


‘I wish I could put into words all that I feel in my heart about Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey through the Silver Wheel. It is at once the most incredibly deep and most expansive journey to the very core of All and Oneself and its Blossoming and Return and yet also the most beautiful and gentle and graceful. The most powerful and most peaceful. I felt and was told so strongly in my heart that dedicating myself to this Elven journey was all that I needed for my own Return. With each moon I have witnessed that so strongly. Elen is everything I could hope for and more on this journey. It makes my heart sing so completely and I know that as one cycle completes I will wish to remain on and cycle again. I would so heartily recommend this journey to anyone so drawn and would do so with every fibre and beat of my heart and soul.’


~ Sam

"Within the Starlight Journey of the Silver Wheel - moon by moon, glyph by glyph - potent lived learnings, remembrances, and awakenings await, perfectly attuned in time to the flame in the Moon's hearth. With keen intelligence, courage, and purity of heart, Elen Elenna guides and companions our Earth-circled community, as the White Deer, along the ancient future paths, gently nudging and breathing us ever deeper, farther. The Starlight Journey and Elen Elenna are luminous pearls of grace."

~ Meg





△ £70 Monthly Subscription

MONTHLY PAYMENT TAKEN AUTOMATICALLY from your credit/debit card, either directly or via Paypal

This is a journey of liquid light, designed to support your sovereignty and flow, YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE AT ANY TIME WITH 28 DAYS NOTICE


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Elven Starlight BOOKLET

CLICK HERE to download the Elven Starlight Journey BOOKLET, if you would love to discover more, that you can download onto your computer or phone