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Welcome to the Journey

A most magically beautiful, profound and transformative voyage moon by moon through the glyphs and ascension light codes of the Silver Wheel

Set forth in a canoe carved of cedar amongst the stars ~ on a journey into the natural, celestial, galactic frequencies of your Immortal Starlight Soul for the New Dawn, lifting the veils of forgetfulness & the ancient seals that have held you bound

You are the Light of the New Dawn. The sacred wisdom, gifts, codes that you carry are infinitely precious. It is time to awaken them directly, to remember who you are ~ a multi-dimensional being of Light ~ a Star, a Lamp, in a New Dawn of Peace on Earth

And how shall we journey?

This is a beautifully designed online course that you shall receive in accordance with the phases of the moon. Arriving to you shall be a magical deluge of offerings

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Forest Videos

From forest, mountain & ocean as you come with Elen on a journey through the moons

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Mp3 Recordings

Sunstar & Sunset Meditations, Elven Starlight sounding by voice, drum, singing bowl journeys & light transmissions

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Live Webinars

A monthly Moon Lodge and Elven Wisdom Council Q&A via Zoom Live Webinar

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PDF Written Materials

Never before published Elven Ascension teachings ~ The Book of Starflowers, an Elven Moon Guide & Elven Starlight Retreat Manual

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You shall receive your course content with the 7 Phases of the Moon


New Moon

Waxing Crescent

First Half Moon

Full Moon

Last Half Moon

Dark Moon

“Elen’s Elven Starlight Guided Journeys for me are far beyond exquisite—and Elen herself so masterfully eloquent and finely attuned to the deep flowering within her—that they are nothing short of profound. "

~ Helena C Prentice
“The Magical Mistress”
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New Moon

Forest Teaching Video

By the first light of the New Moon, the journey begins with a beautiful ceremonial video transmission from the forests & hills of the sacred land, introducing you to the journey & wisdom of this moon

Elven Moon Manual

You shall receive a PDF written introduction & guidance for the journey of this moon


Waxing Crescent Moon

 Light of the Morningstar Video

By the light of the Waxing Crescent Moon, there comes to you an Elven Forest Video Transmission & Teaching on awakening as a Star Creator of the New Dawn ~ how to access your quantum state of starlight creativity, your higher dimensional inspiration, how to move beyond the shadows that hold you bound, how to give the gift that you carry from other worlds, other dimensions for the highest good of all


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First Half Moon

Elven Starflower Journey Mp3

As we arrive to the First Half Moon, you come to the teachings on embodiment of your New/Ancient Galactic body of Light and its precious Elder codes. You receive a Recorded MP3 Starflower Teaching & Journey to Lemuria, awakening the codes, wisdom & gifts of your embodiment & greater timeline as a Shining One, lifting the veils of invisibility, and meeting with your Far Lemurian Self.

The Book of Starflowers

You shall receive chapter by chapter, never-before published teachings and illustrations on your New/Ancient Galactic Body of Light



Full Moon

Elven Moon Lodge Webinar

By the light of the Full Moon, you receive a link to the Elven Moon Lodge, a live webinar where Elen channels an Elven Starlight journey for the stargate of this Full Moon, so that you may attune to the cosmic flow of ascension energies at this time, lifting the veils of forgetfulness, returning to the deeper story & Galactic timeline of your own Elder wisdom for the New Dawn


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Last Half Moon

Elven Wisdom Council Webinar

As we come to the Last Half Moon, there comes the Elven Wisdom Council, a live webinar of magical, free-flowing conversation on the Elven Starlight Journey of this moon, where you can ask questions, share your insights & journeys. The Elven Wisdom Council is a place where we can gather together from all around the earth, coming together as a great community of kindred starlight souls once more for the New Dawn



Waning Crescent Moon

Spirit of the Eveningstar Mp3

By the light of the Waning Crescent Moon, you receive the transmission of the Spirit of the Eveningstar. This is a Recorded MP3, a Spirit of the Eveningstar Transmission, directed at releasing the deep seals and blocks on the soul’s timeline, old grief and imprints, lifting the veils of forgetfulness, and liberating you into existence as the Far One & Star of Peace that you are


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Dark Moon

Elven Starlight Retreat Mp3

As we come to the time of the Dark Moon, you have the opportunity to create for yourself an Elven Starlight Retreat. This is a beautiful commitment, and a way to move into the natural rhythms of your soul's reality. To support this you receive a Recorded Mp3 Journey over lit by an Animal Guardian Elder, a journey to the stars to meet with your Future Self, activating their stellar gifts into your timeline now.

Elven Retreat Manual

You receive a PDF guide for your retreat with the wisdom of the over-lighting Animal Guardian of this moon




When You Sign Up

You Shall Receive an Introductory Package Including


Sunstar Meditation MP3

To align you with the Light of the Dawn frequencies each morning. This exquisite meditation supports you to begin each day in the diamond Light frequencies of the galactic timeline

* Elven Temples of Light PDF

A beautiful PDF Guide on the Elven Directions of the New Dawn ~ the Seven Sacred Directions and the Four Elemental Temples of Light



 just ‘wow’ ✨💛✨ the materials I just opened are just so beautiful..... Much love and so so grateful for the beauty I’ve received..... 💕💕💕"

~ Catherine

Rose, Turquoise & Silver

Investment Levels


There are 3 different investment levels available ~ Rose, Turquoise and Silver

We have chosen to trust that by opening these portals into the work, each one shall offer what they are truly able to ~ 

Feel into your heart and intuition about the right level for you. Whichever level of investment you come through is honoured,  and you shall receive the same materials

Our choice reflects changing times, and support of all the souls of the Elven Starlight community around the earth, lighting the lamps of the New Dawn

We are deeply committed to this ~ and only ask for honesty & the spirit of generosity so that we may continue to uphold this work


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“Journeying with Elen has been and is truly magical. Each journey is unique and offers a weaving of dimensions, creating a tangible experience which feeds into all worlds. 

There is a familiarity to Elen's energy which unlocks soul memories and takes one into spaces long held , awaiting to reawaken.

I fell in love with The Silver Wheel and love every moment of our journeys together from the holy land of Avalon to all the lands where we dwell... to Lemuria , through stargates and beyond.

Thank you Elen, you are such a gift in these times of the great Return."

~ Eileen, New Zealand

Download the Full Course Brochure

Click on the image to download a beautiful Elven Starlight Journey Book PDF with full course details ~ dates, payment plans & light encoded rhythms of the sacred journey through moons ~ enjoy!

Thank you Elen for the most beautiful and transformative year of Elven Star journeys. They have taken me into realms of self that I couldn't have imagined. Each transmission awakening a deeper listening, that gave a voice to the unspoken aspects of soul I so needed to hear.  Each activating a geometry of starlight within. A flow of such beauty and grace, that supports and awakens. 

I feel so blessed to have found you and these timeless teachings. I would highly recommend Elen's sacred transmissions to anyone who hears the call from deep within their heart. This work is deep, profound and life changing. Thank you Elen and the Elvin Realms for all you hold and share."

~ Debbie Jordan-Mills, Energy Healer & Teacher, Sacred Guide, Crystal Guardian. 

Elven Starlight Community

Within the beautiful space of your online course is FREE & EXCLUSIVE access to the Elven Starlight Community ~ a page where you can post & share with kindred Elven Starlight Travellers. Such a beautiful resource for our times, connecting us all around the earth

“Exquisite Elen, elegantly, eloquently, leads our worldwide circles into the Grove of Arianrhod... These journeys have been the rare gems of encouragement into perseverance for my passage through this place in time. Offerings of deep beauty and grounded wisdom. I am deeply grateful."

~ Meg McGee
Honeybeehive host, adopted daughter, and colleague
Northeastern New Mexico, USA 

Each pathway of awakening and ascension is as individual as the soul that walks it.

This work speaks very deeply to those who share a strong kinship to the elemental realms and star dimensions. Who hold that deep connection to the Earth herself, and carry that vow of love within them.

They feel a soul remembrance when they meet with the wisdom of the Elven and Star Elders, and it calls their heart into alignment with these portals of ascension. These elder souls are remembering themselves once more, reawakening their multi-dimensional essence, and journeying ever more deeply into the depths of wholeness and divine sovereignty.

These 13 magical moons will build to a vast wealth of transformational wisdom, shamanic passageways and initiations, that can be journeyed with time and time again. Every revolution of the Silver Wheel awakens a new cycle of cosmic arrival, and every time we travel into the great mystery of the White Grove, we access new and ever changing realms of growth and discovery, reflective of our life's ever changing journey of ascension and evolution.  

We would be honoured to travel with you on this epic, otherworldly journey of remembrance and return

Note on the Spirit of the Journey

This journey is composed of light-encoded journeys & transmissions for the New Dawn. Your participation is from a place of sovereignty & self-responsibility as you receive these. You are responsible for your progress through the journey. This is a path of ascension, beyond awakening, into the realms of remembrance and return

It shall be the greatest honour to travel with you

With Infinite, Elfin Love,

Elen Elenna & Joanna Jane Delves


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