'You shall no longer be enclosed by the walls of three-dimensional reality.

You shall always be looking out on a vastly greater horizon.

As though existing against the backdrop of the Universe itself, all the vast distances of time and space.

This is an Earth that is not enclosed by itself, it is not a hermetically sealed experience, but one that shares a vanishing point with Space itself.'


This glyph attunes you to inner spaciousness ~ beyond the illusion of three-dimensional reality 

The guardian of this glyph is Grandmother Turtle, who holds the wisdom of the spaciousness and inner star worlds of Mother Earth ~ the foundation of an oceanic, inner space that enables her invisible dimensions to come forth in an endless creativity dance of beauty. It enables you to release the three-dimensional illusion from your cellular body, recalibrating your physical awareness and experience. You release limited notions of time and space, the compression of feeling there is ‘not enough’, and any distrust or trauma around the ground of earth. As you move onto the inner ground of spaciousness, you land upon the shell of Grandmother Turtle. You discover the oceanic space at the heart of every moment, through which the miraculous star of your true self travels, entering your life.

Grandmother Turtle calls you to this spaciousness, so that your gift from the stars, the simplicity of your soul, can arrive to the infinite ground of earth.

And the gift of knowing that in the simplicity of your soul's blueprint, you are enough

This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Aquamarine Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Altair

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