Elven Podcast

This is a weekly podcast sharing the Elven Ascension teachings of the Silver Wheel, where Elen Elenna shares meditations, transmissions and support for your dimensional shift, the remembrance of all that you are for a New Dawn on earth. You can also subscribe on Youtube, or receive weekly via Elven Newsletter. Elen introduces the Elven Pod here!


19.2.21 Chapter 12 of Silver Wheel

POD #4: CHAPTER 12 OF SILVER WHEEL Welcome to the Pearl Moon and the Twelfth Glyph of the Silver Wheel, the wisdom of the New Galactic Body of Light, of radical metamorphosis and dimensional shift 51mins

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7.2.21 Golden Topaz

POD #3: GOLDEN TOPAZ A CALL TO REMEMBRANCE Ever since the portal of Imbolc, it feels there is a new golden field of unity, a transit point into the New Earth that we are making 13mins

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30.1.21 Grove of Arianrhod

POD #2: INTRODUCING THE GROVE OF ARIANHOD Elen shares the Creation of the Grove of Arianrhod, introducing this sacred Elven Grove created during the time of Lemuria, especially for our ascension and return at this time 17mins

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17.1.21 New Moon

POD 1: LEMURIA & THE ELDER CRYSTALS Elen reads Chapter 11 of the Silver Wheel. She shares the chapter of this moon, an overlighting wisdom for this phase of our ascension 40mins

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