'The Grove is central to the Teachings of the Deerskin Book.

It holds the wisdom of communion and timelessness.

This is where we discover the voice of the Council of the Stars.'


This glyph connects you to the Silver Grove of the Stars ~ a grove of mighty silver trees that is woven around the earth, where the star council for the earth resides.

This is the council that oversees and guides the evolution of the earth, attended by the Ascended Elders who hold her highest destiny and dreaming in their hearts. It is a place into which we can ascend to gain guidance as to our higher destiny and purpose upon earth.

It attunes us to the wisdom of the trees and to the sacred groves, and their emerald transmission of the Elder, guardian heart. The wisdom of the Grove is returning, and it is to the emerald trees of the earth that we can turn to discover how to be an Elder Soul and Guardian of the New Dawn. For they have never lost their connection to the Silver Grove of the Stars and the vision of earth’s highest destiny.

Connect to this glyph if you wish to deepen into the energy of the Elder and Guardian of the Dawn.

To be an Elder and a Guardian is to be powerfully aligned and committed to the embodiment of the Star of your Soul, to standing firm as a tree, with roots and branches anchored in this sacred intention

It is to bring your otherworldly gift from the stars for the harmony of all the realms

This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Emerald Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the star dimension of Cassiopeia

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