'There are those who will become keystones of the New Earth. Their energy bodies will alter, they will shine, they will become the New Earth. They will receive the initiations that they need for this reconfiguration.

This choice is animated by exceptional love for the Earth.'


 It activates your connection to the original starlight blueprint of the earth, and the timeless blueprint of your soul that arrives always as First Light. Within this blueprint is the quantum state of the star creator, of the one who exists in a dance of dimensions, accessing the ancient and the future timelines and activating the sacred dimensional realm that they are here to bring.

The remembrance of this state has long been hidden and dormant, as we have moved through an era of density and forgetfulness. There has been fragmentation and separation, so that this natural inter-dimensional state has been lost. However, now is a time when the incoming stellar and cosmic frequencies are activating the records and codes within the earth, and when the earth is offering the initiations of a deep remembrance. We are being awoken by the realms of nature. The earth is entering once again a great Cycle of Light, a dimensional galactic alignment that awakens her full blueprint once more. This is a New Dawn that is composed of the full lights and stars of her original galactic blueprint, and is a returning awakening, awoken by the cosmic radiance of a new cycle of Celestial Light and Source Codes. These lights and codes exist within us, as the template of the Sacred Human ~ the one who exists as a Soul, a Light, an Immortal Star on earth. This full blueprint is lighting up within us, and as it does so we become luminous, we shine. We remember an ancient past and a luminous future, we retrieve ancient and future gifts and capacities. As we remember, we step into a destiny for this time ~ a destiny of ascension and the expansion into quantum consciousness. We become creators of a New Earth, dreaming that dimensional reality into existence. You have incarnated at this time to make this transformation; to transfigure from forgetfulness to remembrance ~ to remember your power to create a sacred reality ~ to awaken as a Star Creator of a New Dawn.

Like a Swanfeather Cloak of shining feathers, arriving one by one, landing around your shoulders, your dimensional wholeness is being restored, and your power to shine as the First Light of your soul's blueprint. Your radiance is becoming visible. 

This glyph calls you to activate your destiny as one who wears the Swanfeather Cloak of the New Dawn ~ who brings through the incoming celestial and galactic dream of the New Earth, bridging the invisible with the visible, becoming one of the Shining Ones of this new reality.

This First Glyph of the Silver Wheel is an inter-dimensional portal of the Sapphire Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Sirius 

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