Welcome To The Teachings of the Elven Ones

Enter into the Free Teaching Portal of the Silver Wheel ~ explore the wisdom of the 13 Glyphs gifted by the Elven Ones & Star Elders for our Ascension into a New Dawn

Deep within the land lie pathways of a subtle sentience and remembrance. White starlight, and old old radiance, of Eras of Peace that have been before, and shall come again. Here, we are finding a trail long lost ~ Ways of Peace, of the Shining Ones who came before.

This is the realm of the Elven and Star Elders, of First Remembrance. It is the First Light, the First Radiance, of an earth that was dreamt amongst the stars, and whose Dawn, whose Dream, arrives again and again. These are the pathways to which the Deer calls us, quietly leading the trail, to a subtle sentience and remembrance, to this New Dawn of an Elder, Ascended Earth.

You follow the White Deer with the star at her brow into the forest

Deep within the forest, you come to a Grove of White Trees whose trunks glimmer with star codes, Elven Codes, their leaves glowing above like sunrise or sunset. It is the Grove of the Silver Wheel, the Grove of Arianrhod

At the base of each tree is an amethyst crystal, within a silver glyph.

From each glyph pours forth an otherworldly harmonic, each one a strand of the immortal music of the earth, sun, moon, and stars.

Each one is a luminous tone, a higher octave of colour than we have known ~ sapphire, white-gold, rose, silver, emerald, ruby, violet, aquamarine, magenta, gold, peach, pearl and diamond. This is the song of the New Dawn, that is arriving, awakening the codes of an old, older starlight radiance and remembrance, activating your wisdom and gifts ~ your full otherworldly, ancient and future presence.

So that all that you are, can enter the moment, arrive here

You are welcomed here to receive the transmissions, the Elven star codes of the New Dawn

to enter the Mystery, of all that you are becoming, of all that you are called to be

It is time for the veils of forgetfulness to lift

It is time to re~create the realms

First Glyph - Otherworldly

Attune to the original starlight dream of the earth, and your vow to transfigure into the otherworldly light of your Soul's blueprint. Take up your Swanfeather Cloak and become visible as a Star of the Dawn


Second Glyph - Radiance

Travelling into the realm of the Sunstar, receive the new solar light codes, awakening the ancient dream of your soul's divinity, so that your otherworldly radiance may be renewed for the New Dawn


Third Glyph - Connection

Send out the blue galactic butterflies of re-connection to your star kindred, your true kindred alliances & companions of the soul, moving beyond karmic relationship into those founded in the soul's true purpose & Light


Fourth Glyph - Listening

Awaken your starlight language & listening with the spirit of the Deer, your inter-dimensional sensitivity to the music of the Dawn ~ sending forth the golden galactic butterflies as messengers of higher sentience


Fifth Glyph - Wisdom

Connect to the wisdom of the trees. Ascend to the Silver Grove of the Stars that is woven around the earth, and in the presence of the Ascended Elders, remember your higher wisdom & destiny as a Guardian of the New Dawn


Sixth Glyph - Aura

Awaken the Starflower Aura, the codes of the ancient flower of Light within. This is the 12 stranded angelic DNA of the Dawn ~ its starflowers of sapphire, white-gold, silver, rose, emerald, ruby, violet, aquamarine, magenta, gold, peach, pearl, and diamond


Seventh Glyph - Mystery

Surrender to the flow of Great Mystery. Enter the realms of mystery and enchantment, the lost codes of the realm of the Eveningstar, the Lady of the Lake, and the wisdom of the waters for the New Dawn


Eighth Glyph - Infinite

Grandmother Turtle holds the wisdom of the spaciousness of Mother Earth from which infinite and miraculous abundance pour forth. Release the 3D illusion from your cellular body, so that you can arrive to her infinite and multi-dimensional ground


Ninth Glyph - Timelessness

Release the old archetype, version of self, mythic constellation you have been holding. Enter timelessness & let the old dream go, as one who is born to dismantle realities, and bring in the cosmic archetypes, codes and instructions of a New Dawn of Peace


Tenth Glyph - Non-Dual

Activate your angelic perception ~ your deeper visionary awareness and cosmic non-dual mind. Travel to Atlantis to activate the lost spiritual gifts, skills & wisdom of that time, so that you can embrace your role as a Sacred Creator of reality once more


Eleventh Glyph - Stardust

Consecrate the ground of your ordinary life with the wisdom of stardust. Activate your ancestral and akashic record of ways of living upon the earth with wise grace & balance


Twelfth Glyph - Metamorphosis

Enter the Morningstar Lodge of the Eagle Elders, and make a quantum leap into your embodiment for the New Dawn. This is a time of radical metamorphosis ~ letting go of hesitation, of preparation ~ and becoming the Rainbow Butterfly of the Dawn


Thirteenth Glyph - Peace

Awakening the starlight of a thousand worlds, enter the diamond portal at the centre of the Silver Wheel. It is time to step into your Soul's pure embodiment, and to make real the starlight dream of Peace


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