'This new dimension is woven out of song, or sound.

Learn to listen to the frequencies of music through which it speaks to you.

The more you relax, the more full the music will become.'


This glyph attunes you to the invisible star music of Creation & invites you into activating your starlight language.

It sends forth the golden galactic butterflies to the realms of the stars, signalling that you are ready to enter into deeper levels of inter-dimensional communion, communication and sensitivity. You are ready to become a channel to the language of Light, the subtle other- dimensional music of the New Dawn, by which the new realities arrive to us. This glyph is about developing your subtle listening, guided by the spirit of the White Deer with the Star at her brow.

Just as the Deer listens with her whole body to the messages of the forest, to the environment around her, so you learn to listen to the feeling tones and harmonics of your own being, and of nature. You track the pathway of the soul by learning to listen to these subtle feeling tones, by noticing how your body resonates with reality. Letting go of the voice of the mind, deepen into trust of this finer listening that begins to whisper with the sounding of your starlight language.

Your starlight language is the harmonics, codes, tones and frequencies of your higher- dimensional soul ~ of inter-galactic and stellar aspects and parallel existences that are whispering through. It is felt as an other-dimensional and starlight language, a language of Light ~ of sound, tonal utterance, movement. When sounded, it activates their wisdom, encoded gifts and information, deeply altering your reality.

This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Silver Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the star dimension of Capella

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