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Ostara Elven Stargate 21.3.21

Here is the REPLAY of our journey to the Elemental Temples of Light of the Shining Ones ~ the Temples of the Sunstar, Earthstar, Moonstone Waters, and the Temple of the Winds of the Stars. Herein we renew our elemental bodies with the new solar celestial source light codes, building your own elemental temples once more. This was exceptionally powerful, and is hugely supportive journey for your ascension at this time

Shamanic Journey begins at 33.47mins


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SAPPHIRE PORTAL into the Journey now OPEN

A portal of swanfeathers and and sapphire, carrying you into the realms of remembrance and return

So that you may bring your gift from the stars beyond

IF YOU WOULD LOVE TO ENTER A DEEP FLOW OF SHAMANIC ELVEN ASCENSION activations, supporting your soul through the immense journey of return and remembrance to fifth-dimensional and beyond existence

A greater journey moon by moon of remembrance and activation of your galactic, celestial, Lemurian soul gifts for the New Dawn



It is time, Beloved Star of Infinite Worlds, to activate the Epic presence of your own multi-dimensional gifts


To ground the far starlight of other worlds that you carry deep within, to shine as a Star, A Lamp in a New Dawn of Peace.

For so you know it is your destiny to do, and your most sacred longing.

For so long you have hovered at the threshold, feeling that you might cross and yet receding, as the ancient seals and veils are touched upon, and the deep sorrow of this, yet now it is truly time to do so

For so it is written in the stars, and we have come here together to do this, and to found the most beautiful and epic adventure of Love, Mystery and Peace upon earth

You know that so much of what you receive comes from your solitude, and from the realms of nature, where your pure remembrance echoes forth.  For it is a time for your own sovereign wisdom codes, for your own ancient, future and fifth-dimensional presence to activate. 

The Elven Starlight Journey is so beautiful, because it holds you in this sovereign quest ~ it exists only to reveal you, to uncover the multi-dimensional and extraordinary stargate of your own far gifts and innate wisdom

Yet it meets the longing for the echoing spheres of support, and the activational codes that inspire and accelerate, deepen and ground your path.

It brings profound access to all that you are, and lifts the ancient seals and veils of forgetfulness that have held you bound

All the realms long for us to remember who we are, and to found the magical dimensions of Peace that we carry within, altering everything forever


I am honoured, always, to travel with you

With Infinite Shining Love

Elen Elenna


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 just ‘wow’ βœ¨πŸ’›βœ¨ the materials I just opened are just so beautiful..... Much love and so so grateful for the beauty I’ve received..... πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•"

~ Catherine

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β–³ Elven Starlight Daily Meditations Mp3s

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β–³ Galactic Elven Light Body Teachings & Stargate Activations

β–³ Elven Moon Lodge Live Webinar

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OMGOSH!!!!!!  WOW!

"What a glorious creation you’ve gifted… It’s visually stunning and the content is beyond… 
I had tears streaming down as I read through. 

thank you, thank you, thank you"
~ Molly

Follow the White Deer with the Star at her Brow into the Star Dimensions of Peace


Imagine founding your own Starlight Temple of the Dawn on earth, attuned to your original Lemurian Star Temple of Peace ~ building it through the phases of the moonlight, supported in the deep natural cadences of your soul's evolution

Crafting it with deep peace and dedication ~ through swan feather and moonstone, sapphire and lapis lazuli ~ journeying with Dragonfly, Bear and Blue Galactic Butterfly

Through the stargates of the Sun, Sirius, the Pleiades, Andromeda, Altair, Lyra, Cygnus and more, to the realm of Immortal Starlight, that parallel ascended universe of Light from which you come, bringing the Diamond Light Codes of Ascension

Retrieving the sigils, the Elder language of Light, the information of your own Greater Soul, and gathering it, writing it into your Elder Book of Light

Fulfil your longing for expansion into the mysterious beyond of all that you are, journeying to the far galactic, stellar & celestial spheres that are the greater star paths and realms of your true presence, lifting the ancient seals upon an infinite and mysterious voyage

It is time to come into the strength and stability of your higher-dimensional gifts, that far one who you are. To ground through deep roots, a powerful centre & overarching branches that reach to the stars beyond

Making the dimensional transition to the parallel and duplicate physical reality of the New Earth as you ascend, integrating higher-aspects & activating fifth-dimensional embodiment

Make a journey of far and otherworldly beauty, that is powerfully grounded in Peace, and access the simplicity & depth of who you truly are. It is a journey home, to the place you have always known, and the sacred & otherworldly dimension of Peace that you hold for the New Dawn


FREE BONUS 14th Moon!!!

I would love to announce also, as a beautiful preparation for the journey, a FREE BONUS INTRODUCTORY month of materials, including

β™’ Daily Sunstar Meditation Mp3

β™’ Elemental Temples of Light GUIDE to Founding your Star Temple of Peace PDF

β™’ Journey to the Grove of the Silver Wheel to meet with Arianrhod Elven Queen of Stars VIDEO



IT TRULY IS OUR TIME OF COMING TOGETHER, igniting our gifts and remembrance

A greater journey moon by moon of remembrance and activation of your galactic, celestial, Lemurian soul gifts for the New Dawn


Remember Who You Are