'The New Earth is built of Star Light: it is by awareness of this Star Light that we transform.' 


With this glyph, you carry the dreams of your heart into the solar radiance for renewal. Your solar, stellar & galactic selves are awakening ~ you are becoming a Shining One, an Angelic Elder of the earth once more.

If you wish to be bathed in shimmering golden, Elven sunstar radiance ~ like a liquid, starlight honey ~ this is the glyph for you!

It is a beautiful renewal of joy, inner luminosity and magic. It ignites the star of the heart, and re-kindles your dream of an otherworldly radiance that shines within as the lantern of a New Dawn.

It is time to let go of the struggle and grief and lost hope, to surrender into a deeper magic. The moonstone of your dreams, of your innermost heart, is carried into the realm of the sun ~ the lunar and solar aspects of the soul interfuse ~ and you are uplifted into a new cycle of radiance and creative inspiration. The new solar, crystalline light codes uplift your innermost heart in a wave of miraculous grace and quantum starlight creativity, and you are infused with awareness of a new Solar Age on earth and within the Self

This is the Second Glyph of the Silver Wheel and is an inter-dimensional portal of the White Gold Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of the Pleiades

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