'The flowers contain the beauty of the truths of our energetic fields. They remind us of who we are and the patterns we hold.

They mirror the crystalline matrixes of light with which we generate the hologram of our physical bodies.' 


Activate your Starflower Aura ~ discover the otherworldly flower of your New Dawn embodiment.

The Starflower Aura is your original Lemurian light body that is awakening at this time ~ woven of colours and tones not seen upon earth for many aeons, a template for your angelic, stellar embodiment.

It is the flower of your original angelic, galactic, inter-dimensional DNA ~ its fully woven 12 strands and sequence of 12 energy centres or chakras. In the Elvenstar wisdom, these are seen as 12 starflowers ~ chakras like blossoms of light that ascend from the core of the earth beneath you, right up into the starlight realms above your head. They are woven of the lights of the 12 celestial flames ~ sapphire, white-gold, rose, silver, ruby, emerald, violet, aquamarine, magenta, gold, peach and pearl. They weave together to form the 13th starflower, that is the diamond portal surrounding you.

Like a shimmering, multi-dimensional starship, this Starflower Aura is the original design of the galactic human light-body as created by the Founder Guardians of earth so many aeons ago. With the incoming codes of the New Dawn and their celestial instructions, this is now becoming accessible once more, being activated from deep within the heart of every physical cell. The flowers of this world mirror the beauty of this awakening aura.

In awakening the Starflower Aura, you also awaken the innate wisdom of the flowers, of natural growth in accordance with cosmic, celestial and earthly timing. This empowers you to move beyond patterns of pushing or delaying yourself unnecessarily, instead sinking into the true rhythm of your soul’s flowering.

This is glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Ruby Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of the Big Dipper

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