'You will never be alone upon this New Earth. It involves shared consciousness with other beings of the same attunement.

This is not a solitary consciousness, but a devotion and an attunement to a greater whole. There is a symphony of intention and purpose.

It is a symphony of starlight souls'


This glyph is for your restoration to your kindred soul group ~ this is a time when your angelic, stellar and spiritual relationships are re-forming in timeless alliances, long veiled and vanished on earth. 

You bring together a symphony of soul gifts, each playing their own role with inter-linking precision for the Golden Dawn of the New Earth

If you are ready to step into true presence and inter-connection with your Star Companions ~ those with whom you are born to create the realities of the New Earth, those who will truly see and recognise your soul and gifts ~ then this glyph, this Elder code is activating within you

It is time to end the loneliness and isolation of karmic relationships that keep you bound to old versions of yourself. It is time to step out of the comfort patterns of being invisible or unknown to those around you, and send out the blue galactic butterflies, the messengers who will bring your star companions to your side

This glyph evokes the deepening of your sensitivity and connection to your true Star Companions, and help you to release karmic ties that no longer serve you. It shifts your pattern of relationship, so that you move beyond fear being seen and known for who you truly are. Thus are we reconnected, the kindred souls who are resonating within this New Reality, like jewels in a great necklace, linked by silver, starry thread

The Third Glyph of the Silver Wheel is an inter-dimensional portal of the Rose Flame of the Everlastting Stars and the Star dimension of Arcturus

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