'I am shown the Milky Way: this is your soul. The New Earth is the forgotten Love Song of this Interstellar Soul.'


This glyph calls you to craft your dream, to make it real.

It calls you to the realm of action. The Unicorn is the one who, with wise innocence and wild courage, chooses to make real the Dream of the Soul. By stepping into the realm of action, by crafting the dream into manifestation, you enter the Unicorn Dance of radical freedom, of radiance.

At this threshold, you face the final confrontation with your own inner doubts, fears and ambivalence. You face the resistance to making the ethereal real, to entering a world that shall never be the same again. With the guidance of the Unicorn you give yourself permission, irrevocable permission, to go forward, to cross the threshold. By acting upon the dream, you truly enter into the higher dimensional experience upon earth that you have been longing for. You truly step across and become the New Earth.

Follow the Unicorn, the flashes of an unearthly white in the ancient cedar forest, until you come to the place where she stands ~ a cascade of forelock almost veiling her dark eyes, that gaze into yours. You feel her purity that is ancient, immortal, and wise ~ and you know, in this moment, that it is time to fulfil your mission, to make real the dream of your soul

This glyph is the inter-dimensional portal of Diamond and the Star dimension of Corona Borealis that carries us beyond this Universe into the realm of the Everlasting Stars and Source Consciousness

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