'This body shall become translucent with Light: it shall shine. It shall become indivisible with its holiness.

In one lifetime it shall make the transformation it needs to make in order to become the New Human.

And then we shall leave the template for the generations who follow.'


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna


This glyph focuses upon radical metamorphosis, upon a quantum shift.

This is not about small changes, it is not about gradual preparation. In the Morningstar Lodge of the Eagle Elders, you access a far-reaching vision of profound and wise hope, your greatest hope, and that which you most long to become. You are called to become a Star of the Dawn, to vibrationally shift into your miraculous, otherworldly embodiment for the New Earth. This is a deep vibrational shift into becoming visible as a beautiful and infinitely precious Morningstar of the Dawn.

The Morningstar Lodge is the sacred sphere of the Eagle Elders, the ancient star souls who for so long have protected the evolutionary vision of the Earth. They gift you the fierce courage and vision to remain true to your highest dream and destiny.

You climb the topaz steps that spiral upwards, ascending amongst the silvery trees. It is a spiral ladder of inlaid topaz, ascending into the shimmering realm of the Morningstar Lodge. It is a crystalline lodge, built only in the hours when both moon and Morningstar shine in the sky. You enter this ethereal and otherworldly sanctuary, suspended in the forest like an ancient prayer. Within are the Eagle Elders, each with a fan of feathers at their brow. Sitting in a circle, their presence is formidable...

With their gaze of fierce focus, they ask for your truest hope, for that deepest and most beautiful hope that is truly your flame and Morningstar of the Dawn

This glyph is the inter-dimensional portal of the Pearl Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Draco

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